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Similarly, we also utilize the Seymour Duncan hotrails pickups and also Fender Noiseless pick-ups, which are the same as the initial types, however as a result of our testing we recommend Wilkinson pickup, as the total price for the Seymour Duncan and Fender Noiseless pickups is large sums of money, and the Wilkinson pickup can reduce much for you! ! Meanwhile, Wilkinson also is a well-known brand name and the product quality is very reliable and also is the most cost-effective pickup.


ESP MX-250 Feature A Step

The ESP MX-250 body is slightly shorter (bottom strap button to tip of headstock) and has rounder horns than the “current” explorer body. The toggle switches on these first two explorers were closer to the knobs than later explorers, and they had a unique two screw truss rod cover that mounted flush with the nut. They also feature a step where the neck joins the body, similar to a Gibson explorer, and their input jacks are round and recessed into the body.

Further revisions of the MX-250II changed the input jack was changed to mount to a plate held by four screws. The truss rod cover changed to a 2 screw Gibson style which was no longer flush with the nut but everything else stayed the same including the step in the neck.

Later in the evolution of the MX-250II, ESP removed the step at the neck joint, and a return to the recessed mounted output jack. Each of the MX series guitars (including the evolution to the MX-250II) featured ABR-1 style bridges, which have the posts mount directly into the body of the guitar. This is used instead of a Nashville style, which screw into bushings which are pressed into the guitar. It is said that the MX-250II guitars do not feature serial numbers or the circle logo on the back of the headstock. The circle logo on the headstock is not a typical feature on ESP guitars made for the Japanese market.

Esp Mx 250 sale

Rare Black 2008 ESP MX-250 II. 9/10 condition with a miniscule chip missing on the headstock. One previous owner. EMG81/60 James Hetfield combo. Set neck. Mahogany body with a maple neck and ebony fretboard. Going to be in Dublin Tuesday 8th for the Devin Townsend gig if any prospective buyers want to have a viewing.

Tuners have been upgraded to Sperzel locking tuners. A 2009 model with a marked headstock sold for 2983 euro over the weekend on ebay and that was from japan, so add postage and custom fees on to it, would work out almost 3500 if not more. The original hard shell case is included with case candy.